Why Instagram is really so much cooler as compare to the Facebook

A long time ago in a foreign land called the web, there lived a beloved site called Facebook. Facebook was hip, cool, and had a great deal of friends. 1 day while Facebook was updating its status, it found a friend request from somebody hipper and cooler, Instagram. Facebook Instagram surely got to be friends; Facebook even helped Instagram get new friends. 1 day Facebook saw a surprising post in its newsfeed, Instagram had added 1000 friends! Facebook soon realized it was not the cool one anymore; Instagram had taken its place.


Clearly if you read my short and sweet intro it is possible to kind of obtain the feel about what this article is approximately. From a teenage girl’s perspective, here are ten reasons why Instagram is so much cooler than Facebook; once you don’t know what things to say, a straightforward photo can sum up what you’re feeling or what you want to state without writing it down. I think Instagram is a spot to post photos of things that you like probably the most, not things that you dislike.

It’s so simple, therefore much fun! Another reason many are using Instagram is due to how simple it is. Select Instagram, go through the camera icon, snap a pic, and press upload. It’s very easy, even my grandma uses it! Instagram makes things interesting, rather than so boring. With 19 photo effects to choose from, it is possible to always discover the perfect effect that is perfectly for your photo. It’s nice having different effects to pick from because every photo says something different! Still another reason why the majority is so partial to Instagram could be because of the way you can connect with family and friends all over the world. Instagram also lets your friends realize that you exist, and what you’ve been up to lately. Also, finding a few likes is never a bad thing!

Instagram allows you to be yourself. The pressure of “tweeting and posting” what everyone is posting just to help you fit in, may get boring and tiring before long. On Instagram you can have your very own photo style that describes you and what you like. Instagram is just a safe destination for a share your photos with the whole world, or perhaps your good friends and family. I love ways to change your settings and set your photos to private. This way, you can accept who follows you and likes your photos!
Yet another great thing about Instagram may be the artistic value behind the photos. Seeing the world through others’ eyes is amazing. One of the best things about Instagram is the popular page. It certainly is so much fun having the ability to scroll through photos taken by folks from all over the world!

Following friends and family could be fun too, but have not you ever wondered if your favorite actress from Gossip Girl or favorite singer Taylor Swift is out there someplace using the same apps as you? I’ve, and now you’ll find them on Instagram.

Videos, videos, and much more videos! The most recent and coolest feature on Instagram is that you can now add videos. The fact that you can include videos to Instagram is fantastic and exciting. Last but not least, personal messaging, One of the numerous things I admire about Instagram is that they never let private messaging. You can touch upon photos, but your comment is out there for everybody to see. Read this


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